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Track and field championship in Baotou


Updated: 2016-04-19

Track and field championship in Baotou

Runners sprinting around the track at Baotou's Olympics center. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

One part of the city of Baotou's efforts to promote sports has been a spring track and field championship at its Olympic center, April 16 – 17, with 560 competitors taking part.

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Re-entry capsule of SJ-10 lands in North China

The re-entry capsule of China's first retrievable microgravity satellite, SJ-10, returned safely to Earth on Monday, marking a solid step forward in space science research and application.

2015 China-Mongolia Expo opens in Hohhot

The first China-Mongolia Expo opens in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia, from Oct 23 to 27.

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