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Hohhot Yulong Industrial Park (autonomous region-level industrial park)



The administrative committee of Hohhot Yulong Industrial Park [Photo/]

The Hohhot Yulong Industrial Park, which has abundant resources, was approved by the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government.

It is situated in the Bohai Economic Rim and the Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos economic region, 2.5 km from the Hohhot-Tuoketuo Highway. 

It has completed 5.4 square kilometers of infrastructure construction, and will expand to a planning area of 50 square kilometers. 

There are four sections – an industrial zone, a high-tech industrial park, a comprehensive services zone of administration, business, finance, and culture, and a tourism services area.

It has 57 registered enterprises with a total contracted investment of 22.6 billion yuan, 11.8 billion of which has been actually utilized.

Forty-four of those enterprises are now operative, seven of which are invested with over 100 million yuan each and 29 over 10 million yuan. Four are among Top 500 in their respective fields. In addition, there are 10 high-tech enterprises, and also six small and medium-sized companies that receive priority support from the autonomous region.

All the enterprises have helped form five major industrial clusters:

- machinery and mould manufacturing based on machine manufacturing and ancillary products processing; 

- health care products and pharmaceutical production, mainly concerning the development and use of herbal resources;

- fluff deep processing and textile industry;

- new building materials, focusing on development and utilization of non-metallic mineral resources; and

- dairy and food, mostly using natural green resources. 

During the "11th Five-year Plan" period, the park and its surrounding 50-sq-km area were included in the city's "Industrial Corridor in Western China", which created favorable conditions for its rapid economic development.