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Inner Mongolia Horinger Economic Development Zone (autonomous region-level industrial park)



A full view of the  Inner Mongolia Horinger Economic Development Zone [Photo/]

Founded in May 1999 and formerly known as Shengle Economic Park, Inner Mongolia Horinger Economic Development Zone (autonomous region-level industrial park) is focused on national agricultural science and technology. 

Since 1999, more than 400 enterprises have registered in the zone, of which 50 are industrial enterprises, 25 are above designated size, 11 are listed companies and three are ready to go public. 

By the end of 2013, the development zone had achieved 158 billion yuan of industrial output, 8.97 billion yuan of revenue, and investments of 118.3 billion yuan. That year alone witnessed an industrial output of 18.4 billion yuan and 1.4 billion yuan of revenue. 

The zone is made up of four pillar industries:

- green food processing, with leading companies including Mengniu Dairy, Arla Foods Mengniu, Inner Mongolian Mutton Products Co, COFCO Coca-Cola, Yanjing Brewery and Yuhangren Group; 

- food-related processing, with leaders such as Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co and Zhongshida Packaging Co;

- forestry and prataculture, represented by Inner Mongolia M-Grass Ecology And Environment Group, and Hartion Eco-Afforestation Co; and

- new materials, led by Haoyuan Carbon Fiber Co.

While developing its industry and economy, the zone has also made progress in social causes. The Inner Mongolia Normal University has set up a campus and an affiliated experimental school in the zone, helping complete the education system covering preschool, primary and higher education, with nearly 20,000 teachers and students.