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Inner Mongolia Togtoh Industrial Park (autonomous region-level development zone)



Inner Mongolia Tuoketuo Industrial Park [Photo/]

The Inner Mongolia Togtoh Industrial Park, built in 2003, is an autonomous region-level high-tech industrial park and a cyclic economy demo zone. 

The park now has 18 square kilometers of area, which is planned to expand to 100 square kilometers. 

The park has greatly developed the cyclic economy and formed three industrial chains, "coal - electricity - high-alumina fly ash - alumina (cement and ceramic particle) - deep processing of aluminum-silicon-titanium alloy materials", "coal - methanol (gas) - aromatics (polyethylene and polypropylene)", and "corn - starch - APIs - patent medicine".

It has also cultivated a number of leading industries, including power and energy, metallurgy, a modern coal chemical industry, and biopharmaceuticals, and has introduced more than 40 related projects with an investment of over 45 billion yuan in fixed assets.

The park has a Datang Togtoh power plant with a total installed capacity of 5.4 million kilovolts (Asia's largest thermal power base), 11 biopharmaceutical companies, including Jinhe Biotechnology Co and Kingdomway Pharmaceutical Limited, and a biological fermentation base with a volume of 28,000 cubic meters.

There is also a growing project extracting alumina from high-alumina fly ash with international advanced techniques, and an aluminum eco-industrial park that deals with extended production of electrolytic aluminum and deep processing of aluminum products, with a total planned area of 13.5 square kilometers.

It also has a modern coal chemical industry focusing on production of clean energy, such as coal-to-gas and coal-to-arene, aiming to become a heavy chemical industrial base of Hohhot and the entire autonomous region. 

The park has been awarded status as a national pioneering base of agricultural products processing by the Ministry of Agriculture, a Torch Program - Hohhot characteristic industrial base of biological fermentation by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and one of the top 10 industrial development zones in Inner Mongolia by the autonomous regional Party committee and government.

The park ranks second among the 20 key industrial parks in Inner Mongolia.