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Jinshan Development Zone (national high-tech development zone)



A full view of the Jinshan Development Zone [Photo/]

Construction of the Jinshan Development Zone started in 2002. The zone was approved as a national high-tech development zone at the end of 2013 by the State Council. 

It has readjusted the layout of the 18-sq-km North Section and the new South Section. In the 90-sq-km new section, there are industrial parks of power and energy, including facilities for photovoltaic work, fine chemicals, modern logistics, and equipment manufacturing. The new section also has a comprehensive services area. 

It has spent about 1.5 billion yuan on construction so far introducing mainly science and technology, environmental protection, and ecological projects.

The zone focuses on dairy, chemicals, electric power, logistics and equipment manufacturing, and emerging industries, and also houses businesses in building materials, packaging, photovoltaic information, bio-medicine, and agricultural industrialization.

It is also a modern comprehensive park integrating a technology town, financial services, housing and schools.