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Hohhot (national) Economic and Technological Development Zone


Founded in 1992, the Hohhot (national) Economic and Technological Development Zone was named a national-level development zone by the State Council in July 2000. With a population of 120,000, the zone covers an area of 40 square kilometers and will expand to 240 square kilometers in the future.

It is composed of six areas -- Shaerqin, Ruyi and Jinchuan industrial parks, Hohhot National Export Processing Zone, Baita Airport Logistics Park, a national pioneer park for overseas students (national incubator of S&T companies), as well as the Shaerqin town.

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Hohhot National Export Processing Zone [Photo/]

In 2014, the zone generated 35.5 billion yuan in output value and created 1.508 billion yuan in public budget income. It invested 22.5 billion yuan in fixed assets, 9.51 billion of which was in industrial fixed assets. And, that year it took in 9.45 billion yuan in domestic funds and $12.91 million in foreign capital.

Its industrial structure with local characteristics is made up of dairy processing, electronic information, bio-medicine, refining and processing of precious metals, new materials, new energy, machinery manufacturing, and textiles and garments.

The zone has fostered famous brands, such as the Yili Group, Inner Mongolia TCL Electrical Appliance Company, and Skyworth Electronics (Inner Mongolia) Co.