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2017-06-27 (

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region obtained 558 science and technological achievements in 2016, including 95 in the field of basic theory, 460 in applied technology, and 3 for soft science. The region applied for 10,672 patents, and was granted 5,846. During the year, 2,711 technology contracts were signed, involving a total contract capital of 14.42 billion yuan ($2.10 billion).

By the end of 2016, a total of 53 higher education institutions had been established in the region, with 133,000 students enrolling to increase a total of 437,000 in schools. Among them, 114,000 students were from various ethnic minority groups, including 99,000 Mongolians. A total of 112,000 students graduated in 2016.

By the end of the year, the region’s ten post-graduate institutions had 6,427 new students with a total of 19,000 students. Among them, there were 5,107 students come from ethnic minority groups, including 4,508 Mongolians.

List of universities and colleges in Inner Mongolia:

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Inner Mongolia University 

Hulunbuir University 

Chifeng University

Inner Mongolia Finance and Economics College 

Inner Mongolia Medical College 

Inner Mongolia Normal University 

Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities 

Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology 

Inner Mongolia University of Technology