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Foreign coach revitalizes college soccer in Baotou

2018-11-02 By Lu Wei

Baotou Teachers’ College welcomed a Serbian soccer coach recently, as part of a plan to take campus soccer to a new level, according to Baotou Evening News.

The Serbian coach is a UEFA A-level coach license holder with a wealth of competition and coaching experience, proficient in football tactics and football training skills.

In 2017, he came to Baotou and became an assistant coach of Inner Mongolia Caoshangfei Soccer Club. This year, the soccer club and Baotou Teachers’ College reached cooperation, and he started training a soccer class at the school.

Serbia has an excellent youth training system for soccer with children being able to join soccer clubs of various levels. Since he joined the school many of the students at Baotou Teachers’ College’s started playing soccer.

Most of the students like the foreign coach’s instruction very much. Chen Liyu, one of the students in the soccer class, said that the coach is capable of sparking the students’ enthusiasm while teaching the moves and makes learning fun.

According to the foreign coach, Serbia’s football training is relatively mature, with very strict grouping and targeted training from seven to eight years old. Although the students here have a relatively late start for soccer training, they work hard and make steady progress every day.

With more emphasis placed on improving campus soccer, Inner Mongolia autonomous region now boasts 1,650 schools offering soccer lessons and training sessions. The autonomous region was selected as the first provincial level pilot area for the promotion of soccer.

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Baotou Teachers’ College invites a foreign coach to improve its campus soccer, Oct 31. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]