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Lithium ion battery plant underway in North China’s Baotou


Work on a plant to produce anode materials for lithium ion batteries has progressed smoothly in Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, in the city of Baotou in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to local media reports.

On completion the factory, funded by Inner Mongolia Shanshan Technology Co with an investment of 3.8 billion yuan ($542 million), will produce 100,000 tons of lithium ion battery anode material annually.

Local officials said it is expected to provide employment for 1,400 people.

The project involves building anode material production lines -- including processing coke raw materials, natural graphite, low temperature modifications, carbonization, graphitization, finished product processing, testing, packaging and storage.

Construction work on the project began in April last year.

It is expected to be the biggest negative electrode materials factory in the world on completion.


Construction work on the factory workshop, for Inner Mongolia Shanshan Technology Co’s lithium ion battery plant, moves ahead. It is located in Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, in Baotou in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/Baotou Daily]