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List of Designated Hospitals for 2019-nCoV Treatment in Inner Mongolia (as of February 3, 2020)


In Hohhot

The Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region内蒙古自治区第四医院

Tel: 13347121699

Address: 2.5 kilometers south of the intersection of No 101 Provincial Highway and No 110 National Highway in Hohhot


The Second Hohhot Municipal Hospital呼和浩特市第二医院

Tel: 15661250122

Address: No 1 Wuliying, South Road of Shiyangqiao, Yuquan district, Hohhot


The People's Hospital of Tumd Left Banner土默特左旗医院

Tel: 13947135799

Address: Chilechuan Avenue, Tumd Left Banner, Hohhot


Togtoh County Hospital托克托县医院

Tel: 0471-8563007

Address: Dongsheng Avenue, Togtoh County, Hohhot


Horinger County Hospital和林格尔县医院

Tel: 0471-7188120/0471-7380092

Address: The east of Xinsheng Road, Horinger County, Hohhot


Qingshuihe County Hospital清水河县医院

Tel: 0471-7913802, transfer: 8090 (daytime); 8120 (nighttime))

Address: Yong’an Street, Qingshuihe County, Hohhot


Wuchuan County Hospital武川县医院

Tel: 0471-8821942/0471-8812820

Address: The south of Xitengfei Avenue, Chengxiang Road, Kekeliyigeng Town, Wuchuan County, Hohhot


In Baotou

The Third Baotou Municipal Hospital包头市第三医院

Tel: 0472—2624022/13948722189

Address: Kangfu Road, Hedong district, Baotou


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Baotou Medical College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology内蒙古科技大学包头医学院第二附属医院

Tel: 0472-3169632/13337193201

Address: No 30 Hudemulin Avenue, Qingshan district, Baotou


The First Affiliated Hospital of Baotou Medical College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology内蒙古科技大学包头医学院第一附属医院

Tel: 0472-2178138/18686167880

Address: No 41 Liyin Road, Kundulun district, Baotou


Tumd Right Banner Hospital土右旗医院

Tel: 0472-8809469/ 13274869666

Address: Taiping Street, Salaqi Town, Tumd Right Banner


Damao Banner Hospital达茂旗医院

Tel: 0472-8422185/ 13847252537

Address: Bailing Avenue, Bailingmiao Town, Damao Banner


The People's Hospital of Guyang County固阳县人民医院

Tel: 0472-8112601/ 0472-8117580/13947261229

Address: No 6, Weisheng Lane, Jishan Town, Guiyang county


In Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Infectious Disease Hospital呼伦贝尔市传染病医院

Tel: 0470-3204971

Address: No 31, Yalu Street, Zhalantun city, Hulunbuir


The People's Hospital of Manzhouli满洲里市人民医院

Tel: 0470-3956946

Address: No 100, Shiji Avenue, Manzhouli Economic Cooperation Zone


The People's Hospital of Yakeshi牙克石市人民医院

Tel: 0470-7227060

Address: No 12, Xian West Street, Yakeshi


The People's Hospital of Zhalantun扎兰屯市人民医院

Tel: 0470-3211074

Address: No 21, Yanhe Road, Zhalantun


The People's Hospital of Ergune额尔古纳市人民医院

Tel: 0470-6830707

Address: No 210, Ergune Avenue, Ergune


The People's Hospital of Genhe根河市人民医院

Tel: 0470-5233049

Address: East side of Xing’an Road, Genhe


The People's Hospital of Arun Banner阿荣旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-4258400 

Address: No 9, Jiahua Street, Naji town, Arun Banner


The 2019-nCoV Infection Treatment Center of the People’s Hospital of Hulunbuir


Tel: 15104991810

Address: No 396, Jiankang Road, Hailaar


The People's Hospital of Orgon Autonomous Banner鄂伦春自治旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-5623247

Address: Wenhua Street, Alihe town, Orgon Autonomous Banner


The China-Mongolia Hospital of Orgon Autonomous Banner鄂伦春自治旗中蒙医院

Tel: 0470-5710144

Address: Yima Road, Dayangshu town, Orgon Autonomous Banner


The People's Hospital of Ewenki Autonomous Banner鄂温克旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-8108612

Address: 120 meters north of the intersection of No 1732 Road and Huihe Road,  Ewenki Autonomous Banner


The People's Hospital of Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa莫旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-4623038

Address: Nawendong Avenue, Nierji town, Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa


The People's Hospital of Xin Barga Left Banner新巴尔虎左旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-6602530

Address: Xilin community, Amugulang town, Xin Barga Left Banner


The People's Hospital of Xin Barga Right Banner新巴尔虎右旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-6401995

Address: No 31, Wuerxun Avenue, Alatan'emole Town, Xin Barga Right Banner


The People's Hospital of Chen Barga Banner陈巴尔虎旗人民医院

Tel: 0470-6719761

Address: Erju Huayuan Street, Bayankuren Town, Chen Barga Banner

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