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Fever Clinics in Inner Mongolia


In Hohhot

Inner Mongolia People’s Hospital 内蒙古自治区人民医院

Tel: 0471-3286554

Address: No 20 Zhaowuda Road, Saihan district, Hohhot

The Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University 内蒙古医科大学附属医院

Tel: 0471-3451644

Address: No 1 North Tongdao Road, Huimin district, Hohhot

The First Hohhot Municipal Hospital 呼和浩特市第一医院

Tel: 0471-5281782

Address: No 150 South Second Ring Road, Yuquan district, Hohhot

The Second Hohhot Municipal Hospital呼和浩特市第二医院

Tel: 15661250122

Address: No 1 Wuliying, South Road in Shiyangqiao, Yuquan district, Hohhot

Hohhot Mongolian Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital呼和浩特市蒙医中医医院

Tel: 0471-3671198

Address: No 9 East Baotou Street, Saihan district, Hohhot

Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital 内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院

Tel: 0471-6357683

Address: No 18 Expressway, Bei’erhuan Road, Xincheng district, Hohhot

Inner Mongolia Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 内蒙古自治区中医医院

Tel: 0471-3951571

Address: No 11 Jiankang Street, Xincheng district, Hohhot

Inner Mongolia International Mongolian Hospital 内蒙古自治区国际蒙医医院

Tel: 0471-5182167/ 5182221

Address: No 83 East Daxue Street, Saihan district, Hohhot

Hohhot New District Hospital 呼和浩特市新城区医院

Tel: 18686099565

Address: No 125 North Xincheng Street, Xincheng district, Hohhot

Hohhot Huimin Hospital 呼和浩特市回民医院

Tel: 0471-6293703

Address: No 47 Zhongshanxi Road, Huimin district, Hohhot

Hohhot Yuquan District Red Cross Hospital呼和浩特市玉泉区红十字医院

Tel: 0471-6293703

Address: No 63 Danan Street, Yuquan district, Hohhot

Hohhot Saihan District Hospital呼和浩特市赛罕区医院

Tel: 15598005998/ 13947127649

Address: No 58 Zhaowuda Road, Saihan district, Hohhot

Hohhot Saihan District No 2 Hospital呼和浩特市赛罕区第二医院

Tel: 0471-3301931-8017

Address: No 46 Ordos Street, Saihan district, Hohhot

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