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Baotou company wins key Australian supply contract



A worker makes an adjustment at Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

Baotou-based manufacturer Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co, or NHL, made more progress in expansion internationally with an important contract to supply Australia-based Warkworth Mining Ltd with its NTE360A electric mining truck, according to a report on March 11 in the Baotou Evening News.

A spokesman for the mining truck manufacturer said the total contract value was 1 billion yuan ($142 million).

He said he showed that China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, represented by NHL, was winning recognition in the global market. It will be the first time that China's high-end construction machinery has been exported to the Australian mining market in consignments.

Warkworth Mining Limited is a subsidiary of Yancoal Australia Ltd, which is currently Australia's largest coal producer.

The consignment of mining trucks will be used in the development and construction of coal mines in the Australian state of New South Wales.

They will be delivered to Australia in shipments in 2020. 

The mining trucks currently being used by the Australian coal producer are European, American and Japanese brands. The NTE360A electric vehicle will be the first Chinese brand used.

The nine trucks match the mining vehicle powertrain system of GE's electric drive system. The drive system uses dual independent cooling fans, fully adopts Australian technical standards and applies Australian safety and environmental regulations and access requirements.