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Roast whole lamb



A dish fit for a king: Inner Mongolia roasted whole lamb [Photo/Inner Mongolia Tourism Development Committee]

Roast whole lamb is a traditional Inner Mongolian dish, originating from the nomadic peoples of Northwest China.

It is offered to special guests and often appears only on grand occasions, such as important meetings or weddings.

It is a whole roasted lamb, with the skin left on. The roasted lamb is glittering golden red in color, with crispy skin and tender flesh.

The meat is crisp on the outside and tender inside and suffused with a succulent and mouthwatering aroma.

According to the different wants and whims of guests, sometimes the whole lamb is presented while at other times part of the lamb is offered.

When entertaining family, friends and guests during the Spring Festival, the grand etiquette is to put the roasted whole lamb’s head in the middle of a generous wooden dish, surrounded by various dairy foods and snacks. The head must be facing towards the guests.

While entertaining with roasted whole lamb at a banquet, hosts and guests alike usually sing songs of praise and toast three times. When the guests start singing, pour yourself another glass of wine and express your felicitations to the noble lamb.