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Inner Mongolia completes 1.84m coronavirus vaccine injections

2021-04-19 (

As of April 14, a total of 1.84 million coronavirus vaccine shots had been received by the people of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to a press conference held by the Inner Mongolia's health commission on April 15.

People who have received the vaccination including residents of key areas - port cities, border areas and areas where there have been epidemic outbreaks - as well as workers handling cold chain imported food, staff at quarantine venues, frontline healthcare workers and epidemic control personnel, students and teachers at higher education institutes, and service personnel at large-scale supermarkets and business complexes.

At present, according to data produced by researchers monitoring the frequency of abnormal reactions to these injections, the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is good, and it has lower incidences of abnormal reactions than similar vaccines used during the previous immunization program.

To ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of the vaccination work, Inner Mongolia has set up 1,136 vaccination units and 2,373 vaccination stations across the autonomous region.

A total of 10,764 vaccinators and 2,318 emergency medical personnel are standing by to undertake the vaccination work.

All the people participating in the vaccination are trained and qualified, and work in strict accordance with regulatory requirements.

Using the autonomous region's immunization planning information management system, cities and leagues have implemented the mobile phone scanning of QR codes and WeChat applets in order to create an "adult vaccination service" for scheduled vaccination, and have gradually opened up the provincial health code platform to inquiries about personal vaccination records.