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First foreigner granted permanent residency in Baotou

By Lu Wei Updated: 2018-09-13

The exit and entry administration division of Baotou public security bureau has recently issued a permanent residency card for a foreign resident of Baotou, marking the first permanent resident ID card for a member of the city’s expat community.  

A review of immigration policies was conducted by the Ministry of Public Security in 2017, with the State Immigration Administration optimizing the process for foreigners applying for permanent residency in 2018.

The exit and entry administration division of Baotou public security bureau actively implemented relevant policies and reissued all permanent residence ID cards to current foreign residence holders in the city.

Jerry, a Nigerian citizen married to a local Baotou woman, recently became the first local foreigner to receive the new permanent residency card. The couple have been married for six years and recently made an application for the card.

We sent his documents to the regional public security department last December, and received the new residence card in June, said Zhu, an official at the local public security bureau.

Previously, Jerry needed to apply for a residence permit every two years and be in stable, full-time employment. Now, he only needs to renew every 10 years (similar to a Chinese national ID card) and no longer needs the foreigner employment permit.

Applicants need a valid reason for applying for the permanent residence card, such as family reunion. Documents required for the application vary, but generally include a housing certificate, health certificate and criminal record check.

Under normal circumstances, the applicant can expect to be granted permanent residence within about six months.

So far, three foreigners in Baotou have obtained permanent residence.


A Nigerian citizen receives a permanent resident ID card in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/Baotou Daily]