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Media delegation visits Baotou companies

By Lu Wei Updated: 2019-06-24

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A media delegation of journalists and reporters from Ordos, Bayannuur and Wuhai visit Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group based in Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on June 18. Founded in 1954, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group was one of 156 key construction projects during the first Five-Year Plan period (1953-1957), and the largest machinery manufacturer based in Inner Mongolia. The company has made significant progress over the years, and its market value currently stands at over 20 billion yuan ($2.9 billion). The company has been working to boost its scientific and technological innovation, with 4.5 percent of its annual earnings used to fund research to ensure the smooth development of scientific research projects. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

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A journalist stands tall but small next to two giant mining trucks manufactured by NORINCO International Co during a media tour to Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on June 18. NORINCO is affiliated with China North Industries Corporation. It is an important player in implementing the country’s Belt and Road Initiative. Over the years, NORINCO International has been focusing on the international market, establishing its business network all over the world and it has fostered strong capabilities in international operations, investment and financing, global resource allocation and project management. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]