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Paper-cutting works on show in Baotou

Updated: 2021-02-20


Paper-cutting works are used to cover fans. [Photo/Baotou Art Museum]

Baotou Art Museum recently held an exhibition of paper-cutting works, one of the most popular forms of traditional Chinese folk art. Paper-cutting embodies the Chinese philosophy of "origin" and has a profound history in many parts of China. 


Red paper is cut into symmetrical forms of human shapes. [Photo/Baotou Art Museum]

Paper-cutting artists gain inspiration from life and convey their unique insights and perceptions by cutting the paper into different shapes and patterns, which are not simply an imitation of objects, but also contain a certain degree of stylization.

There are several different movements in the Chinese paper-cutting art, including the South movement, the North movement and the Jiangzhe movement.


Paper cutting works serve as window decorations. [Photo/Baotou Art Museum]