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Baotou urban greenway promotes eco-friendly lifestyles

Updated: 2021-03-03

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Residents cycle along the urban greenway in Jiuyuan district, in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn] 

The city of Baotou in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has been making strides in promoting eco-friendly lifestyles by creating an urban greenway through the city, according to local media reports.

The ecology-themed greenway starts from Kunhe Middle Bridge, to the west of the city, and terminates at Baotou Dongxing Toll Station in the east. It passes through the districts of Hondlon, Qingshan, Jiuyuan and Donghe, and connects with Gangtie Street, Jianzhu Road and Bayantala Street.

The greenway provides greater access to the outdoors for local residents.

Parks and leisure squares have been linked with the greenway. These include Bayi Park, Laodong Park, Baotou Olympic Park, Saihantala Park and Jianshe Square.

The greenway passes through a variety of natural environments. 

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An urban greenway passes through Baotou city. [Photo/baotou.gov.cn]

Those who choose to exercise on the greenway can enjoy fresh air, the shade of trees and water features. The design of the urban greenway has been thoughtfully considered, incorporating a comprehensive transportation system that can adjust adeptly to both rapid and slow traffic. It functions as a leisure, recreation, sightseeing and fitness hub.

In 2020, Baotou city began constructing the Yellow River Street Section of the Binhe Greenway. The project is 7.9 kilometers long. Parks and bus connection points will be set up at the same time, along with trails, jogging tracks and bicycle paths.