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Baotou to perform 'random checks' on food in farm produce markets

Updated: 2021-03-29

The Baotou bureau of market regulation recently launched a campaign - together with its county-level, district-level and banner-level branches - to perform random checks on local farm produce markets.  

Described as a public service to meet the personal needs of local consumers, the campaign is mainly focused on the Jia'erba agricultural market in Hondlon district, with branches set in Qingshan district, Donghe district, the rare earth high-tech industrial development zone, Tumd Right Banner and other locations. 

The government is giving free checks of vegetables, fruit and meat being sold at the markets to ease the concerns of customers worried about whether pesticides or veterinary drugs remain in those food products. The pass rate so far is 100 percent. 

The "random check" campaign will continue. Consumers can go to large farm produce markets, leave messages on the WeChat official publish account platform, or just dial 12315, to submit their claims to the authority.