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Baotou Art Museum holds exhibition to celebrate the Party's centenary

Updated: 2021-03-30


Artist Xu Shihui delivers a speech at the exhibition. [Photo/WeChat of Baotou Art Museum]

Baotou Art Museum is putting on a 19-day exhibition, open from March 13 to 31, in order to honor the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. A total of 120 art pieces by two local artists - Xu Shihui and Bai Qihan - are on display. Visitors can go to the museum's No 1 Hall to enjoy the artworks. 


Visitors walk through the hall and appreciate the artworks. [Photo/WeChat of Baotou Art Museum]


Artist Xu Shihui's oil painting: Western Wild Flowers. [Photo/WeChat of Baotou Art Museum]


Artist Xu Shihui's oil painting: Pray. [Photo/WeChat of Baotou Art Museum]


Artist Baiqihan's traditional Chinese painting: The Pure Land. [Photo/WeChat of Baotou Art Museum]