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Baotou completes 47 urban construction projects in 2020

Updated: 2021-04-01

Baotou, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has invested some 2 billion yuan ($307 million) in implementing 47 key urban construction projects aimed at enhancing the city's environment, according to Baotou Evening News.

In terms of key urban construction projects, the urban traffic network has been continuously unblocked, and key projects such as National Highway 110, Zhaonan Avenue, and Provincial Highway S211 have been completed and opened to traffic.

Throughout the year, 20 new roads and 18 parks were built and renovated, 15 "puddle points" on roads and five rain and sewage confluence problems were solved, and the quality of urban infrastructure was greatly improved.

Various grassroots construction departments strengthened daily inspection and maintenance, and completed 85,000 square meters of road repairs throughout the year.

Baotou has implemented two urban physical examination projects including the detection and repair of roads and pipelines. It is the first city to use new technologies such as ground penetrating radar and intelligent robots to conduct comprehensive physical examinations of urban roads and pipelines.

Throughout the year, the city finished 150 community property upgrades and completed five intelligent communities.