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Platform, fund in Baotou benefit enterprises

Updated: 2023-04-07

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The Baotou government signs contracts with the Baotou branches of a number of banks. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou Daily]

A Wanda cinema in Baotou recently applied for a special film subsidy fund. The applicant simply opened the Baotou Huiqimin integrated service platform on his mobile phone, submitted the company information, and was approved within minutes. The 40,000-yuan ($5,819) subsidy was immediately transferred to the relevant account.

The platform started operating in January 2022. It is the result of the Baotou government's efforts to help enterprises apply for policy subsidies, which was once a difficult and confusing process.

Applicants can enjoy policy inquiry, policy declaration, intelligent audit, cash and other integrated full process services on the platform.

On April 3, the platform press conference and financing fund signing ceremony were held in Shiguai district in Baotou.

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Enterprise representatives attend the meeting on April 3. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou Daily]

The platform performs the policy review and payment work for 16 municipal departments and 25,000 registered users, 713 policies issued, and a total of 220 million yuan disbursed.

In addition, the platform has created new financial services and set up the first financing fund in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which is funded by the government. It provides financing services for a large number of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises looking to carry out scientific and technological innovation but lack access to credit.

After just one month, the fund has lent 200 million yuan to more than 80 small, medium and micro enterprises. Its cooperative bank has been extended to the Baotou branches of Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank and other banking institutions.