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Major projects forge ahead in Baotou city

Updated: 2023-04-14

Inner Mongolia Daqo New Energy Co in Baotou was recently on track in constructing its high-purity polysilicon manufacturing plant, with annual output on completion projected to be 100,000 metric tons and 1,000 tons of semiconductors and polysilicon, respectively.

Launched in 2021 in the Jiuyuan district of the city – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – the company is investing an estimated 24.25 billion yuan ($3.54 billion) in the plant.

Various municipal government departments in Jiuyuan will help the company to coordinate various problems in its construction, handle various procedures, as well as accelerate the project construction progress.

Deputy general manager Zhao Yunsong said that the construction of the first phase of the project was almost over and it was ready to begin trial production in the near future. "Jiuyuan has really solved a lot of problems for us," he said.

Baotou is expected to continue to ensure the smooth construction of major projects this year. At the same time, great efforts will be made to optimize the business environment and the approvals process.

Baotou development and reform commission deputy director Wang Huidong said that in 2023, Baotou plans more than 600 major projects with a total government investment of more than 50 million yuan and enterprise investment of more than 100 million yuan.

He added that it will complete the investment of 130 billion yuan within the year, increasing the city's fixed asset investment by more than 15 percent.