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Baotou creates horse-themed cultural exhibition hall

Updated: 2023-06-29


The newly-created horse-themed cultural exhibition hall at Saikhantal Scenic Spot. [Photo/Baotou news network]

Baotou Culture and Tourism Group recently upgraded the former Mongolian Camp and Deer Park of Saikhantal Scenic Spot to create a horse-themed cultural exhibition hall.

It is understood that the exhibition area of the horse-themed cultural exhibition hall is covers 2,360 square meters, with over displaying more than 500 pieces of saddles, stirrups, horse sculptures, horse-themed artworks, horse paintings and other related works.

Walking through the exhibition hall, visitors can understand the connotation a deeper understanding of horse culture in an all-round way by watching the text area, the physical area throught the various displays, the accompanying text, the audio-optical interaction area, as well as the display area of relief murals, the light box, and the equestrian supplies.

In addition, to further enhance the visiting experience of visitors and help visitors to gain a firm grasp of the grassland culture and local cuisine, the exhibition hall also provides a diverse range of catering services.