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Baotou to hold 16th Inner Mongolia Sports Games in 2026

Updated: 2023-08-17

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A Baotou government leader waves the official flag of the games at the closing ceremony of the 15th Sports Games of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Aug 16. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou Daily]

The 15th Sports Games of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which lasted for eight days, officially wrapped up in Ordos city on Aug 16.

At the closing ceremony, the flag of the games was handed over to Baotou city, representing the 16th sports games will be held in the city in 2026.

Subsequently, actors from Baotou performed an eight-minute artistic performance titled I Am Waiting for You in Baotou. A variety of art forms – such as martial arts, dance and chorus singing, Mongolian long songs, and the morin khuur ensemble – combined to convey the charm of Baotou, a modern industrial city.

During the 15th sports games, more than 1,500 coaches and athletes from Baotou participated and won 115 gold, 90 silver and 124 bronze medals.