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Baotou city's Guyang county awaits bountiful wheat harvest

Updated: 2023-09-19


In Guyang county in Baotou city – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – the golden wheat fields are as vivid as a wonderful oil painting by a master, with the burnished heads of the wheat plump and the air filled with the sweet scent of the ripening crop. [Photo/Baotou news network]


The golden wheat in Guyang county awaits harvesting. Since spring this year, the county has not had enough rainfall, but the promotion of new agricultural machinery and farming techniques has provided a strong guarantee for drought resistance and crop productivity. [Photo/Baotou news network]


Lucrative crops: In 2023, Guyang county completed sowing 1.6 million mu (106,867 hectares), including 851,600 mu of food crops, 379,000 mu of oil crops, 112,000 mu of astragalus and 260,400 mu of other crops. Currently, all kinds of crops have entered the harvesting stage. [Photo/Baotou news network]