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Baotou holds equestrian endurance race near Yellow River

Updated: 2023-09-25

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People participate in an equestrian endurance race in Baotou on Sept 24. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou Daily]

The Yellow River Basin Equestrian Endurance Race was held at the basin in Jiuyuan district, Baotou, on Sept 24.

The track – with a total length of 30 kilometers and a width of 20 meters – at the Yellow River Basin in Baotou took half a year to build and is the only one in the city to meet the international three-star-level standard for tracks.

Due to the erosion of the Yellow River, sand and clay washed together on the track, hardening the soil, and there is no sand or stone, making it more suitable for horses and athletes.

Ren Yi, a rider from Bayannuur city, said, "The track is next to the Yellow River. I like it when I can enjoy the scenery while riding."

The Yellow River Basin Equestrian Endurance Race attracted a total of 88 horses and riders from Baotou and surrounding cities. It has been reported that in the future, this track will hold a variety of Chinese and international equestrian competitions, attracting equestrian enthusiasts from all over the world.

In order to develop its "China Horse City" brand, Baotou has established a series of equestrian events such as the Yellow River Equestrian Endurance Race and "Mongolian Horse" Competition to achieve the integration and development of the sports and tourism industries.

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People watch the race on a field. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou Daily]