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Baotou marathon runners compete in season finale

Updated: 2023-11-07


Runners compete on the half marathon track, blending in with the autumn scenery. [Photo/Baotou Daily]


The winner of the men's group crosses the finish line on Nov 5. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

At the sound of the firing pistol, the fourth Baotou Half Marathon of 2023 kicked off at 8:30 am on Nov 5 at the Baotou Olympic Sports Center in Baotou city. This race marks the grand finale of the 2023 Baotou Marathon Series, with nearly 10,000 runners from various countries and regions participating.

In June, Baotou hosted the second Baotou Marathon, followed by a series of half marathon events from August to November. The Marathon Series has now become a shining jewel in Baotou's sports portfolio.

"What does the marathon mean to you?" reporters asked runners before the race.

Wang Wei, who participated in all four half marathons, said, "For me, the most obvious impact has been the improvement of my physical fitness and the strengthening of my willpower."

Liu Mingqiang said, "The series of races hosted by Baotou has inspired my friends and families. Today, we came here together as a group of 10 people. Getting them involved and interested in sports is my biggest reward."

On the day of the competition, Chinese athletes dominated the podium in both the men's and women's categories of the half marathon.