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Baotou improves urban, intercity transportation

Updated: 2023-12-29

This year, Baotou has achieved significant advancements in transportation infrastructure, including the completion of expressways, the opening of key road connections, and the optimization of bus routes, contributing to improved urban mobility.

Additionally, the city has witnessed the establishment of a new aerial hub, enhancing the convenience of local air travel and cargo transportation.


Baotou's Fuxing Street main bridge and Sihan Road extension project is completed this year. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

On Sept 28, the main bridge on Fuxing Avenue, Baotou's first urban expressway, was completed and opened. Following the reconstruction, the main road now operates without traffic signals, reducing travel time during peak hours to just 20 minutes, 18 minutes less than before the reconstruction.

Furthermore, several key road connections have been established with the completion of the Baotou North Bypass Highway, part of National Highway 110. This led to a faster transportation network in conjunction with National Highway 210 and Provincial Highway 211.


The M601 customized microcirculation buses are put into operation, connecting high-traffic places such as residents' living areas and schools in Baotou. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

This year, Baotou Public Transport Group also introduced the first campus bus route, connecting the Longyu Community in Jiuyuan district directly to the Jiuyuan No 1 Experimental Primary School. This dedicated service has alleviated the concerns of over 800 young parents who now have a reliable means of transporting their children to and from school.

To better meet the diverse travel needs of residents, the Baotou Airport has expanded and improved flight services throughout the year. The airport reopened or increased the number of flights to various cities, such as Ningbo, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Chongqing.


The first direct flight from Baotou to Shenzhen. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

In addition, the Baotou Airport has expanded its cargo routes, connecting to major freight hubs in the cities of Taiyuan and Ezhou. Transported goods primarily include specialty products such as beef and mutton, as well as e-commerce parcels, showcasing Baotou's distinctive offerings.