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Baotou city's grassland on national list

Updated: 2024-02-04


Saikhantal Urban Grassland. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced its third batch of national-level culture and tourism consumption clusters at nighttime – including the Saikhantal Urban Grassland in Baotou city.

"Saikhantal" is Mongolian for "beautiful grassland" in Chinese. The Saikhantal Urban Grassland is a national AAA-level tourist attraction located in the central area of Baotou, boasting a great geographical location and convenient transportation.

From Jan 21 to Feb 24, Saikhantal is hosting the Spring Festival Ice and Snow Lantern Festival. Visitors can enjoy over 20 ice sculptures and more than 30 traditional lanterns, as well as performances – including lion and dragon dances and stilt walking – to fully experience the winter charm there.