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Shiguai district celebrates Spring Festival

Updated: 2024-02-08


A singing and dancing performance to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival is held. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]


Child actors stage a drum performance at the gala. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

On the evening of Feb 2, the atmosphere at the Baotou First Workers' Cultural Palace was filled with joy as Shiguai district's 2024 Spring Festival Gala brilliantly unfolded.

The gala commenced amidst the resounding beats of drums, igniting the enthusiasm of the audience. The entire show was themed around the four seasons, thus it was divided into four chapters that featured a total of 17 acts.

The program lineup included traditional cultural performances, such as acrobatics and traditional opera, as well as contemporary art forms like rock music and pop songs. It also showcased emotionally rich stage dramas depicting scenes of patriotism and heartwarming stories inspired by everyday life.

In addition to its main venue, the gala also featured two satellite venues in Shiguai district: the Mingyang Science and Technology Industrial Park and Qingshan village. This setup aimed to make cultural events accessible to residents and to encourage public participation.

The gala was also livestreamed on several online platforms. Currently, the cumulative online viewership has surpassed 650,000 individuals.