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Baotou opens airline with Zhengzhou, Wenzhou cities

Updated: 2024-03-13

Starting from March 31, Baotou Donghe Airport's air routes will undergo seasonal changes. A new route, the Baotou-Zhengzhou-Wenzhou route, will be added to provide more convenient travel options for passengers from these three cities.

It is reported that this route will be operated once daily by Juneyao Airlines, with the flight number HO2055/6. For the Baotou-Zhengzhou-Wenzhou leg, the flight departs from Baotou at 3:20 pm, arrives in Zhengzhou at 4:50 pm, departs from Zhengzhou at 5:50 pm, and arrives in Wenzhou at 8:10 pm. For the Wenzhou-Zhengzhou-Baotou leg, the flight departs from Wenzhou at 9:30 am, arrives in Zhengzhou at 11:45 am, departs from Zhengzhou at 12:50 pm, and arrives in Baotou at 2:35 pm.

The opening of this new route will enhance cultural and economic exchanges among the three cities.

Zhengzhou, as an important city in Central China, boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage as well as strong modern industries. Wenzhou is an economic powerhouse in East China's Zhejiang province that is renowned for its commercial culture and vibrant private economy. Baotou in Inner Mongolia autonomous region is also home to many large-scale enterprises involved in steel, aluminum, equipment manufacturing, and rare earth processing industries.

The opening of this route will stimulate the tourism market in these three cities and drive the development of related industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and souvenirs.

Furthermore, the opening of this new route is also a boon for business travelers. It not only reduces transportation time, but also promotes cooperation between enterprises.