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Baotou joins in tourist-dedicated train to Vietnam

Updated: 2024-03-26

To meet the demands of public travel, Baotou city has recently introduced tourist-dedicated trains.

Following the launch of the Y403 tourist train to the Hong Kong and Macao regions on March 15, a tourist-dedicated train bound for Vietnam will be inaugurated on April 13. Major travel agencies in Baotou city will provide consulting and registration services for passengers.

This train will depart from Hohhot East Station, passing through stations such as Baotou, Xiangyang, Jiujiang, Yingtan, and Zhanjiang, with a round-trip duration of 14 days.

The entire journey of this train ride includes sleeping berths, and will feature tour guides and healthcare professionals onboard. Before disembarking at intermediate stations, passengers can also store large luggage on the train to reduce the burden. Entertainment activities such as chess, cards, and karaoke will also be available on board, adding enjoyment to the journey.

Some travel agencies in Baotou city revealed that some residents have already called to inquire about prices and travel routes. "Middle-aged people are the main ones inquiring and registering. Traveling abroad by train is fun for me and my middle-aged friends," said Ms Liu, head of a travel agency.

"My husband and I registered. We have always wanted to travel abroad, but my husband suffers from hypertension and is not able to travel by airplane. This time, there will be medical staff members accompanying us on the train, making this mode of transportation suitable," said Ms Wang, a resident in Baotou.