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Baotou vocational school receives Mongolian guests

Updated: 2024-04-03

Representatives from various Mongolian colleges recently visited Baotou Vocational School of Mechanical Industry for an educational exchange. The school's cadres engaged in discussions and exchanges with the Mongolian guests.

Cadres from the Baotou school introduced the school's various specialties, its training bases, and its achievements in student cultivation. They also led the visiting delegation on a tour of their training bases.

During the visits to the school's automotive manufacturing and repair training base, welding training base, and industrial robot training base, the delegation gained insights into the teaching and practical aspects of intelligent specialization at vocational school-level.

While visiting the national training base for industry-education integration and the autonomous region-level welding technology training base for WorldSkills (an international professional skills competition), the delegation praised the school's efforts in deepening the integration of industry and education.

Subsequently, a symposium on jointly furthering the development of the Belt and Road Initiative was held during the visit. At this event, the school in Baotou expressed that it is willing to provide teacher training services, conduct short-term study programs, establish credit conversion and certificate recognition mechanisms, and host skills competitions and exchange activities for Mongolian schools.

The head of the Mongolian delegation expressed gratitude for the warm reception and professional displays by the school. The delegation also praised the school's achievements in the field of vocational education.