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Inner Mongolia releases tourism development layout

2021-08-03 (


A sunset paints clouds various colors in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/]

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will work to build four tourism and leisure destinations in the following years.

Ordos, Hohhot, Hulunbuir, and Alshaa League have been included in the plan.

According to the region's tourism development layout, Inner Mongolia will promote the upgrading of eco-tourism, border tourism, and ice and snow tourism in its eastern part, creating a first-class grassland forest and border tourism destination in Hulunbuir.

The region's middle part will focus on the development of cultural heritage, grassland cultural customs, sports, and leisure vacations, building the Hohhot modern leisure and exhibition tourism center and Ordos cultural experience and leisure tourism destination.

Inner Mongolia's western region will focus on the development of ecological tourism, desert leisure, and cross-country driving, building a well-known tourist area in Alshaa League.

Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia will make efforts to develop the Laoniu Bay Scenic Area, the Moergele River Scenic Area, and the Qixing Lake Scenic Area into national 5A-level scenic spots, and the Juyanhai Scenic Area into a national 4A-level scenic spot.