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Baotou Jinshan Industrial Park

Updated: 2015-07-22

Baotou Jinshan Industrial Park, located at Jinshan town, Guyang county. It was established in May, 2009. Covering a total planning area of 80 square kilometers, it is an autonomous regional industrial park, a recycling economy demonstration park and a joint park from Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Park.

The industrial park is engaged in production and processing of ferrous and nonferrous metal, coal deep processing, as well as some extended industries including high technology, light industry, logistics, and commercial service facilities.

The park is composed of seven functional areas, including zones of ferrous metal production and processing, coal deep processing, steel industry transfer, high technology industry, logistics, public facilities and light-industry.

The park reached total assets of 11.6 billion yuan ($1.87 billion) in 2013, with its operational revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan and is expected to get more than 50 billion yuan by 2020.