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  • Baotou supports R&D of tech enterprise


    The Baotou bureau of science and technology recently held the 26th session of the Baotou Science and Innovation Salon at Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Co.

  • Rare earth industrial platform put into trial operation in Baotou


    According to the Baotou bureau of industry and information technology, Inner Mongolia autonomous region's first industrial internet platform for the rare earth industry recently went online in Baotou for trial operation.

  • Baotou city promotes its sports industry


    A glittering lineup of sporting stars, among others, attended the 2024 Baotou Marathon Sports Industry Investment Promotion Conference, held on June 9 at the Baotou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  • Baotou continues to build rare earth bases


    Baotou in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region boasts the world's largest reserves of rare earth and the highest capacity for rare earth refining and separation, giving it an absolute advantage in the supply of raw materials.

  • Baotou fields change from barren to bountiful


    Farmers have recently been preparing for spring plowing in the saline-alkali soil improvement fields in Haizi township, Tumd Right Banner, Baotou.

  • Inner Mongolia unites industry experts in groundbreaking crystalline silicon alliance


    The inaugural meeting of the Inner Mongolia Crystalline Silicon Industry Technology Alliance was held in Baotou on May 20.

  • Baotou rare earth culture project takes center stage


    The "Rare Earth Cultural and Creative Products Development Project" was recently selected for inclusion in the list of key cultural industry projects in Inner Mongolia autonomous region for the year 2024.

  • Baotou cooperative helps intelligent plowing


    Spring plowing has recently begun in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, with the "Beidou" system steering agricultural production towards greater intelligence.

  • Baotou's innovation base receives approval


    The innovation base, led by China North Rare Earth (Group) High-tech Co in Baotou city, has been officially approved for establishment, making it the only innovation base with national technology standards in the field of rare earth nationwide.

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