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Baotou English website serves readers around the world

Updated: 2015-12-25

A new English language website – Baotou, China (http://innermongolia.chinadaily.com.cn/baotou/) – had its official opening on Dec 25, with backing from Baotou city and chinadaily.com.cn. It provides an authoritative Baotou English news platform to serve readers around the world.

Baotou, also known as Lucheng city, is the largest city in the autonomous region and an important transport hub. Baotou plays a key role in the economic expansion of Inner Mongolia and the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Sun Hongmei (middle), director of Baotou’s publicity department and Sun Bing (second right) , general manager of the China Daily Website, mark the start of the Baotou English website on Dec 25, 2015. [Photo by Wang Xin/chinadaily.com.cn]

Sun Hongmei, director of Baotou’s publicity department, Li Jun, deputy director of Baotou’s publicity department, Sun Bing, general manager of the China Daily Website, Dong Zhixin, head of China Daily’s International Communication department and Yuan Hui, head of China Daily's Inner Mongolia autonomous region office attended the launch ceremony.

Sun Bing said that Baotou is known as the “steel city in the grassland” and the “capital of rare earth,” and is renowned for its strong economic power, vigorous industrial enterprises and leading scientific and technological innovation. It also enjoys the advantages of its location and abundant high-quality mineral resources.

China Daily has been attaching great importance to the reports of Baotou news, especially those on the renovation of shanty towns and the “Tell Full Coverage” project, and it will continue publishing more stories characteristic of Baotou.

Sun Hongmei noted that the English website is the autonomous region’s first English website for a city at that level and will certainly help foreigners learn more about Baotou by providing a more transparent image.