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Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

Updated: 2020-06-10

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A production line is busy producing trucks. It is operated by Beiben Trucks Group Co. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park -- situated in the northern part of Qingshan district in Baotou city, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- is engaged in the heavy vehicles, new energy, railways and fully-mechanized coal mining industries, as well as in the electromechanical and engineering equipment industries.

The park was built in 2006, with a planning area of 45 square kilometers and initially had 156 projects.

After years of development, the industrial park currently has 197 projects which have settled there, with a total investment of 57.5 billion yuan ($8.12 billion) -- on top of the additional 180 projects that were earlier completed and have gone into production.

The park has established a heavy truck industrial production and supply chain, operated by Beiben Trucks Group Co.

It has also established output and supply chains for the mining equipment industry, operated by North Heavy Industries Andong Machinery Manufacturing Co and for the electromechanical equipment industry, operated by Baotou Zhongdian Transformer Co. In addition, there is a production and supply chain for the construction machinery industry, run by Xiamen Loader Co (Baotou).

In 2020, Qingshan district will implement 31 key industrial projects worth more than 100 million yuan each, with half located in the Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park.