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Baotou attracts 116 national high-tech firms

Updated: 2021-03-26

By the end of 2020, 116 national high-tech enterprises had based themselves in the Rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The number accounts for 10.8 percent of that of the whole autonomous region. 

To encourage more local high-tech companies to reach the national level, the government of  the Rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone renders many kinds of services both before and after the companies become nationally-recognized.

The authorities invite top-class experts to offer training programs, ensuring that all high-tech companies in the zone are informed of favorable policies related to national high-tech firms, and the specific procedures they need to go through when applying for recognition. 

When enterprises are ready to apply for the title, they will get special instructions from the government on how to prepare the application materials. Potential problems that may arise in the application can be solved during this process.

After a high-tech company is successfully recognized by the nation, it can enjoy tax cuts, special subsidies and R&D funding from the government.