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Baotou takes steps to enhance business environment

Updated: 2021-06-03

The Baotou Public Resources Trading Center is taking steps to improve the standardization, transparency and convenience of its tendering processes, according to local media reports.

The threshold for participation in government procurement has been lowered, and all project bid deposits organized by centralized procurement agencies have been cancelled, reducing the company's annual burden by an average of 6 million yuan ($942,000).

The center has continuously improved its electronic transaction system to achieve full coverage of four major project types: engineering construction, government procurement, land transactions, and State-owned property rights transactions.

The center has implemented electronic guarantees for bidding deposits, realizing full coverage of three types of electronic guarantees: guarantee, insurance, and bank.

It has comprehensively developed its service standardization system and formed a list of 43 service provision items in four major fields.

Technical standards and hidden standard reviews have been adopted, as have technical processes such as "system automatic notification", "electronic identity verification", and "voice-changing defense".

The entry service fee is exempted from the projects listed in the public resource transaction catalogue, and the bidding project that provides electronic bidding documents is exempted from the bidding document cost.