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Baotou boasts improved business environment

Updated: 2021-10-13

In recent years, Baotou has accelerated the transformation of government functions and made every effort to create a comprehensive, first-class business environment, according to local media reports.

The handling of 551 government service items at the municipal level continued to be streamlined, with a 20 percent reduction in application materials, a 24 percent reduction in processing links, and a 54 percent reduction in processing time. A total of 208 items are now ready to be upgraded.

Statistics show that the public's satisfaction rate with Baotou's municipal services is over 99 percent.

To create a first-class business environment, Baotou is working hard on fair supervision in accordance with the law.

Baotou has strengthened the application process and the protection and use of intellectual property rights, as well as reduced the processing time of patent administrative adjudication cases from 90 working days to 60 working days. Also, the city has set up a trademark business acceptance window at the State Intellectual Property Office.

Currently, it only takes 0.5 working days to complete the business establishment registration, seal engraving, invoice application, social security and medical insurance registration, and housing provident fund deposit registration in Baotou.

In the first 8 months, the city received 25,829 new market entities, and the online handling rate reached 94.5 percent.

The construction project approval system has realized online parallel declaration and parallel approval. So far, 1,008 projects have been processed online.