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Baotou launches measures to manage, support tech incubators

Updated: 2021-11-02

Baotou in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has recently launched measures to manage and support technology innovation and entrepreneurship incubation carriers.

The measures help to make clear the coverage of the city's incubators, and regulate the identification conditions, application materials, identification procedures and preferential policies of municipal-level makerspaces and technology business incubators.

According to the measures, the city's science and technology bureau is responsible for the identification of the incubators, and needs to conduct performance evaluations every two years.

For identified municipal-level makerspaces and technology business incubators that perform well in evaluations, a one-time support fund of 300,000 yuan ($46,890) will be made available; and for those who are identified as national or autonomous region-level technology business incubators, a one-time fund of 2 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given, respectively.

Applying companies need to meet some conditions: they need to have been registered in Baotou for more than one year, boast at least one public venue with a lease term of at least three years, have corresponding rules and regulations and a management mechanism, and be able to provide services including training, consulting, and communication for incubated enterprises.

The final recognition will be determined following application and rounds of reviews by related departments.