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Baotou invites visitors to enjoy Yellow River events

Updated: 2024-03-04

Baotou section of the Yellow River enters its drifting ice season. [Video by Zhu Jiale & Jia Rong for goinnermongolia.com.cn]

As the spring thaw sets in, the Baotou section of the Yellow River enters its drifting ice season. To allow both tourists and residents to appreciate this magnificent sight and experience Baotou's Yellow River culture, the city will host a series of cultural and tourism activities.

These activities include the opening ceremony of the Yellow River ice breaking cultural tourism event, riverside temple fairs, Yellow River photography exhibitions, music carnivals, and live broadcasts. 

Furthermore, as the ice and snow melt, the fish caught from the river during this time are exceptionally fresh and tender.

Numerous fish restaurants along the Yellow River will offer a variety of fish dishes during this period for consumers to enjoy.


A fish stew that is made once the drifting ice season begins. [Photo/Baotou news network]