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  • Baotou to add 7 employment service stations


    The human resources and social security bureau of Baotou is to cooperate with local colleges and universities on seven service stations to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship and employment of college graduates, according to a Nov 30 Inner Mongolia Daily report.

  • Baotou community adds calligraphy and painting studio


    Residents of Xueyuan Community in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, practiced calligraphy in a calligraphy and painting studio set up in the community, Dec 1.

  • Free physical examinations benefit Baotou residents


    Medical staff members conducted physical examinations free of charge for residents of Kunbeilu Community in Baotou, Dec 1.

  • Inner Mongolia company recognized for innovation


    Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co was selected as one of the 70 national-level technological innovation demonstration enterprises for 2017, according to a Nov 30 Baotou Daily report.

  • Baotou Group subsidiary eyes global market


    Baotou Steel International Economic & Trading Co, one of the main subsidiaries of Baogang Group (also known as Baotou Iron and Steel Group), marked new progress in its steel exports with 1.23 million tons of steel exported to foreign countries during the first three quarters of 2017, according to local media.

  • Frozen staged in N China’s Baotou


    Frozen was staged in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Nov 26.

  • Frost flowers grow on Yellow River


    Frost flowers can be seen growing on the Yellow River in Baotou as winter approaches, Nov 27.

  • Baotou promotes spirit of 19th CPC Congress


    Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner of Baotou has been promoting the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  • Baotou to host investment promotion conference on Dec 10


    An autonomous region-level investment promotion conference targeting small and medium-sized companies is to be held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Dec 10.