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Lurigele dance of the Daur ethic group

2017-06-23 (


Sort:Folk Dance

Area:Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang

Serial No.:Ⅲ-28

Declarer:Daur Ethnic Autonomous Banner of Inner Mongolia autonomous region; Harbin, Heilongjiang province

Lurigele is a typical folk dance popular among the Daur people, who mostly live in Inner Mongolia and the Heilongjiang Rivervalley. Lurigele, the local language means "burning" or "flourishing" in Chinese. This dance is a "living fossil" for the research and evolution of the primitive hunting dance of the northern ethnic groups.

For the Daur people, tradition is incorporated into their dance and musical instruments, especially during festivals. Borrowing themes from daily life, farm work and customs, dancers imitate the movements of birds such as the eagle, chick, and cuckoo, as well as daily activities such as picking herbs, sewing, or carrying barrels of water. As women dance, the men watch or hold meetings for hockey, horseracing, shooting and wrestling.