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Ordos wedding ceremony

2017-06-23 (

The Wedding of Erdos, originated in ancient Mongolia in the 15th century, popular in Mongolia. Nowadays, the ceremony has evolved into a kind of culture phenomenon.

Sort: Folk-customYear: 2006

Area: Inner Mongolia Serial

No.: X-55

Declarer: Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

The Wedding of Ordos originated in ancient Mongolia since the 15th century and has evolved into a kind of culture phenomenon.

The wedding has a series of specific ceremonial procedures, such as the engagement presentation of the Hada, greeting the son-in-law, offering sheep and toasting, asking name and age, offering the mother's blessing and so on, which have been well preserved and gradually become custom.

The Wedding of Ordos has rich and profound cultural connotations. The procedures and elements of the Wedding are one of the most attractive and grand ceremonies in Mongolia, and are different from other areas within Mongolia as well as other nations. Singing and dancing make the wedding a more joyful and harmonious form of celebration, as the wedding not only embodies the big-hearted and ceremonious Mongolian characteristics, but also expresses various ethical cultures, such as ceremonial customs and the folk music. 

The procedures and the contents of the Wedding are different from other nations and other areas of Mongolia, which is the most attractive and grand ceremony in the Mongolia.