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Stone-Flower Cave

2014-01-08 (

Shihua Cave, literally translated as Stone-Flower Cave, is located in Yushugou of the Zhuozi Mountain Range, about 13 kilometers south of Wuhai City. It is a rare large naturally water-eroded cave in North China.

Shihua Cave lies on a north-south axis. With a length of about 70 meters, it has several branches, two big caves and many small caves at both sides. It's very dark inside and the caves are connected together. With a depth of 200-300 meters, the cave is rich in fairy stones.

The first big cave is 15 meters in length, 10 meters wide and 3 meters high. Stalagmite and petrified bouquet on the ceiling are pure and white and have strange shapes. Going about 25 meters further along the natural solution channel, you will reach the second big cave. The size of the second one is 30 meters in length, 20 meters wide and 2-6 meters high. Both the cavity wall and the ceiling have very beautiful stalactites. From the end of the second hall to the south is a more than 60 meter long gradually-narrowing passage, which is still enough wide for one person to walk through.