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Hulunbuir snowmobile challenge to kick off in December

2014-11-19 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The first Hulunbuir national snowmobile challenge will be held on Dec 20 at the Hailar Dongshan Ski Resort, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the Hulunbuir government recently announced.

The event is co-organized by the General Administration of Sport, the city government, the China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association, and the sports administration of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. It will be co-hosted by multiple local government departments and companies.

The organizers have borrowed experience from Western countries to manage the event, using it as an opportunity to integrate government and media resources to help promote local economy.

The event will invite the nation’s top racers. A professional lane has been built at the venue, equipped with various vehicles and tools.

There is a 3-km experience lane, a 2-km national-level race lane, a 450-meter dual-plate skiing lane and a 150-m loop lane, allowing 600 people to enjoy the event together. Organizers said the advantageous location and the specially designed lanes will add fun and commercial value to the event.

Hulunbuir has been known for its resources of ice and snow, which provides a basis for snowmobile sports and tourism. The winter in the grassland of Hulunbuir can last from November to April, giving the tourists a special experience with snowmobiles, similar to riding horses in summer.

Endorsement and sponsor attractions are underway.

Edited by Liu Yufen and Michael Thai