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New coal chemical becomes Inner Mongolia's green calling card

2014-12-08 (

Black coal is transformed into high-quality kerosene, olefin, dimethyl ether, methane gas, natural gas and ethylene glycol after processing at a modern chemical unit. The new coal chemical has been growing in Inner Mongolia.

The autonomous region is actively pushing ahead new coal chemical production in its development strategy and promoting a green calling card to the rest of the world.

The pulse of the new coal chemical facility

Wang Jun, Party secretary of the region, and Bagatur, chairman of the region, led an inspection team to the Tuke industrial park in Ordos' Uxin Banner on Oct 30.

The park follows the requirements of regional economic integration and aims to transform itself into a large coal-based chemical energy facility by merging into the nearby economic belt and following the national energy base development strategy. It covers a planned area of 52.38 square kilometers. A total of 15.2 billion yuan ($2.48 billion) was invested in 2013. Gross value of industrial output reached 4.0 billion yuan; industrial added value hit 1.6 billion yuan; and sales income reached 3.9 billion yuan. By 2017, the project's gross value of industrial output and sales income are expected to reach above 40 billion yuan each, and industrial added value will surpass 16 billion yuan.

Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co's coal deep-processing project is a major national industrial project introduced to Tuke park. It's the biggest coal-to-olefin unit in China at the moment. Construction began in 2013, and a total of 16.9 billion yuan was invested as of September 2014.

At present, the project is building air separation, gasification and methanol distillation units, which are expected to be delivered in October 2015. Production of polyolefin products is expected to run in July 2016.

The inspection team said that the coal chemical project in Ordos is breathtaking, and they could feel the pulse of the autonomous region’s new chemical facility.

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